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Browse our print and digital collection of books, magazines, newspapers and more related to South, East and Central Asia and beyond! Remember: no catalogue is complete. If you miss something or can't find it, ask us! A list of the resources included can be found here (link not yet available).

Easily access electronic titles directly from your search or order the required print sources via the Blaue Leihverkehr or for borrowing from the State Library. If you cannot find a title, you can easily suggest a purchase from our PDA inventory.

Another note: The CrossAsia search is character-accurate and does not take into account character variants between e.g. simplefied and traditional characters.


Focused on searching for specific databases or electronic materials? You can find our database search behind this link. You can filter the databases by categories and regions and search the descriptions. You don't search the respective databases yourself.

Digitized Collections

Special digitized collections with a connection to Asia, such as the Chinese battle coppers, Mongolian maps or the Northern Thai manuscripts, can be found in CrossAsia's digitized collections. An overview and search of the State Library's other digital copies can be found in the SBB's digitized collections SBB's digitized collections.

Thematic Portals

Interested in individual parts of our collection? Here we present selected parts of the collection from the regions of South, East and Central Asia. The spectrum of materials ranges from manuscripts and photographs to archive materials.